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The use of payment terminals in ANT-logistics

In the ANT-Logistics Mobile application, several payment methods are available: cash or card. For convenient use of card payments, we have introduced the possibility of using payment terminals. In this article, you will learn exactly how to use payment terminals. Setting the type of payment terminal Let's go to the navigation sidebar. Open Settings 1 . Select Common 2 . In the list, find the item Payment terminal . Open it and choose one of the available payment options 3 : Not used (set by default) - only cash settlement is used for payments. Payment by card is blocked. Isolated - a terminal of any type, with which payments are made independently of the mobile application. The ANT-Logistics mobile application does not have a direct connection with the terminal. AXIUM DX8000 – the terminal with which the integration is performed (manufacturer Ingenico). To install our mobile application on a terminal, you need to contact the company that provides the user with these termin