The use of payment terminals in ANT-logistics

In the ANT-Logistics Mobile application, several payment methods are available: cash or card. For convenient use of card payments, we have introduced the possibility of using payment terminals. In this article, you will learn exactly how to use payment terminals.ant-logistics

Setting the type of payment terminal

Let's go to the navigation sidebar. Open Settings 1. Select Common 2. In the list, find the item Payment terminal. Open it and choose one of the available payment options 3:

  • Not used (set by default) - only cash settlement is used for payments. Payment by card is blocked.
  • Isolated - a terminal of any type, with which payments are made independently of the mobile application. The ANT-Logistics mobile application does not have a direct connection with the terminal.
  • AXIUM DX8000 – the terminal with which the integration is performed (manufacturer Ingenico). To install our mobile application on a terminal, you need to contact the company that provides the user with these terminals.


Attention! After changing the settings on the AXIUM DX8000, you need to reboot the terminal. After that, card payments will be made through the terminal's payment application.


Making payments on the Debts and Payments screen

Open Debts and Payments on the navigation sidebar. The Debt and Payment screen consists of two tabs:

  • the Debts tab contains a list of receivables registered through API and payment data for these documents. Debts are grouped by customer.
  • the Payments tab contains a list of payments made, also grouped by customer.

Attention! When opening Debts and Payments for the first time and after entering data through the API, the data must be updated (arrow icon in the right corner of the upper panel).


Debt payment

To pay the debt, click on the appropriate term in the Debts 1 tab. The New Payment 2 window will open. In this window all data is automatically filled in accordance with the data on the debt. Choose Card and press PAY. The payment application of the terminal will open (when using the AXIUM DX8000 terminal). After successful payment, the Debt and Payment screen will open again, a pop-up message will appear about the amount of the payment. Then the terminal will print a check.


Attention! If "Not used" is indicated in the Settings in the Payment terminal item, then the "Card" payment type will not be available.


New payment

In the Payments 1 tab, you can create a new payment. Click on the floating button "+" 2. The New Payment 3 window will open with empty fields.

  • the fields Outlet, Direction and Sum are mandatory;
  • the Document date and Document Number fields are optional, but if one of them is filled in, the other must be filled in as well.

Attention! The Debts and Payments screen can also be opened at route point 4. In this case, Debts and Payments will contain information only for this point.


Information about payments made

The payment table include various information:

  • in the field Type of payment - icons "cash" or "credit card" depending on the type of payment.
  • the Payment Information field contains technical information when paying by card.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave an application on the ANT-logistics website.


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