Accounting for fuel consumption

ANT-Logistics not only optimally plans routes, but also obtains their profitability and takes into account car tariffs. Listening to the needs of our customers, we have also introduced the additional possibility of accounting for the quantity and cost of fuel.

In order to obtain fuel consumption, we will perform the following actions:

1. Go to Directory Vehicles 1, select the vehicle and open the window Editing record. On the tab Settings 2, select the field Fuel consumption 3 - enter the value of fuel consumption in l/100 km:

2. In the subordinate window, in the tab Fuel 1, add a new entry and fill in the data 2:

- the field Date Beg - the date from which the specified fuel cost will be used in the calculation;

- the field Price is the cost of fuel.

Let's save the changes - OK.

3. We create routes. After that, in the Document Routes 1 will show the fuel consumption (in liters) 2 and fuel cost 3 for each route.

4. In the Document Actual Routes also display fuel consumption (in liters) and fuel cost for actual vehicle mileage.

If necessary, information about fuel consumption and prices can be imported through the interface or using API.

Pay attention! The described functionality is only informative - it is used for accounting fuel consumption. When creating routes, the service does NOT select cars based on fuel consumption! For this, use the tariff functionality for cars.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave an application on the ANT-logistics website.


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