Contacting technical support: how to take a screenshot?

Sometimes, when contacting the technical support of ANT-logistics, it is necessary to take a screenshot or record video. Special screenshot programs are used for this. If you don't have such a program yet, read this article. We will show you how to install and use the free plugin MonosnapYou can easily send the necessary records and screenshots to our technical support.

To use this plugin, you must perform the following actions:

1. Let's go to Customize and Control Google Chrome 1 - More tools 2 - Extensions 3.

2. In the Main menu click Open Chrome Web Store 1. In the search window, find Monosnap and click Add to Chrome 2.

3. For the convenience of using the plugin, click on the Extensions 1 and pin Monosnap 2. After that, the Monosnap icon will appear on the browser panel 3. Click on the icon - a window with a list of functions will appear 4.

4. You can save a screenshot or screen recording to your computer 1 or upload  in cloud environment 2 (for the first time saving in a cloud environment, you need to log in, for example, using a Google account). You can also copy a screenshot or screen recording to clipboard 3.

5. If you need to go to the cloud environment where the completed screenshots and recordings are stored, click Latest uploads 1Go to storage 2.

You can find general recommendations for contacting technical support here.


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