Photos of points - as an addition to the address

 To create a route to a delivery point, you need its address. But it often happens that the delivery point at the specified address is a small store in a shopping center, or a small architectural form among many of its kind, or a place in the market. Therefore, the search for such "secret" addresses takes a lot of time, especially for new forwarders. ANT-Logistics greatly facilitates the search for such points due to the ability to take, store and display their photos. The courier,who arrived at the address, opens a photo album in which he sees what the required point looks like in the photo, and, if it is necessary, the passages to it.


This functionality can be divided into several blocks:

  1. Types of photos, adding and viewing them in the mobile application;
  2. Types of photos, adding and viewing them on the service;
  3. Displaying photos in the analytical module;
  4. Uploading photo links via API;
Everything is quite simple. Links to photos can be uploaded via an API or a web service, after which they will be displayed in the photo albums of points both on the website and in the mobile application. Photos can also be uploaded to the ANT-Logistics cloud directly from a mobile device or PC. There is a diagram that gives a visual understanding of how the described functionality works below :


To add a photo of a point in the mobile application, you need to long press the required point from the route list and select photos in the menu that opens 1. Then click the camera icon 2, and from the pop-up list select the method of photo loading  3: phone gallery,cloud storage or take a photo with a camera. As you add photos, they will appear in the point's photo album. When the photo is marked with a cloud icon 4, it means that the photo has already been added to the ANT-Logistics storage. The cross allows the user to delete the photo. And finally, if there is at least one photo in the photo album of a point, such point will be highlighted with image symbol in the list 5:


Then, if this point is selected and the photo button is pressed in the directory by the service administrator 1, the photo album of the point will open, in which photos are taken by the forwarder will be displayed (transmitted via the Internet channel). By selecting either photo, you can edit its position 2 or delete it:


The service administrator can also add photos by clicking the + button. It is possible to either upload a photo as a file, or save a link to the photo:


After adding photos by the service administrator, the photos are displayed in the point's photo album. In the mobile app, new photos are displayed after the route is updated:


Pay attention! Photos added by the service administrator cannot be deleted by the mobile application user.

Photos of the point can also be displayed in the analysis module. To do this, open the Directories section in the analytics and select the Photos of points report. If the point has photos, they will be displayed in the Photos field:


If the required report does not exist, it has to be created. Create a new report, select Data Mart - Report: Points lookup, fields - as in the image.

A list of points with links to their photos can be downloaded using the API method. A description of the desired method can be found by clicking on this link.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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