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Calculation of routes by product groups

In November 2017, a new service feature was added - calculation of routes with the condition of distributing groups of goods by vehicles assigned to them. For example, goods of the "frozen" group have to be transported only by vehicles specially equipped for this purpose, nevertheless other goods should not get into the refrigerator.  Start setting - go to Sett ings , Accounting tab, opposite the Use Product Groups   field, select Yes and save the changes: Create product groups in the Product Groups directory. In our example, two groups are created: Frozen and Fruits and vegetables - a group that does not require special transportation conditions. Then go to the Products directory 1 and add the necessary products. When adding record in the  Name  field 2 , select a product group from the drop-down list (in our example, it is Frozen or Fruits and vegetables ): Let's go to the Vehicle directory 1 , select the vehicle and open the Prod.Group   tab 2 in the subw

Routes by delivery groups. Set up once and use.

 Previously, we described how to use the Delivery Groups tool, link vehicles to a specific service area, and calculate routes for different geo-zones. This is convenient, but not in all cases. For example, for the delivery of large-sized goods, it is necessary to use trucks, while targeted deliveries of small-sized goods are handled much more efficiently by more maneuverable and economical cars. Also, there are often situations when it is not necessary to do the division into routes - it has already been done in another program and you just need to correctly display real routes, calculate time and mileage. In this article, we will look at how to use delivery groups in combination with sales point groups and calculate routes for these groups. We consider that the division into routes is made in the user program and uploaded to the  sales point group field . We need to take into account this division on the ANT-Logistics service. In the directories, select Sales point groups , then press