Routes by delivery groups. Set up once and use.

 Previously, we described how to use the Delivery Groups tool, link vehicles to a specific service area, and calculate routes for different geo-zones. This is convenient, but not in all cases. For example, for the delivery of large-sized goods, it is necessary to use trucks, while targeted deliveries of small-sized goods are handled much more efficiently by more maneuverable and economical cars. Also, there are often situations when it is not necessary to do the division into routes - it has already been done in another program and you just need to correctly display real routes, calculate time and mileage.

In this article, we will look at how to use delivery groups in combination with sales point groups and calculate routes for these groups. We consider that the division into routes is made in the user program and uploaded to the  sales point group field . We need to take into account this division on the ANT-Logistics service.


In the directories, select Sales point groups, then press +, in the field that appears, enter the caption, for example, TMS group, indicate the opening hours for the point groups and the desired figure, then press OK:


In the same way, we will create 2 more groups: AFT group and TCP group.

Then, you need to add machines, how to do this can be seen here. In this case, I've added 3 vehicles: cargo - MAN 1 and cars - Mercedes and Mersedes 2:


Let's create delivery groups. To do this, open the Directores, Delivery groups, +, specify the name, OK:


 I've added 2 more groups: Group 1 and Group 2.

 Now we need to link a car to each delivery group. To do this, we press the desired group, select the Vehicles tab at the bottom, +, specify the vehicle, OK, check the "Select" checkbox:


Link 2 more vehicles to other delivery groups in the same way.

The last step in the settings is linking a point groups to a delivery group. Press the desired group, open the Groups tab at the bottom, +, select the desired group of points, OK:


Now link 2 more point groups to the rest of the delivery groups.

 All settings are completed, so you can export delivery points.

 To generate an Excel file, you have to fill in the CompGroup_Name column, in which, opposite each address, you must put the name of the desired point groups:


Open Directories - Delivery groups, open Requests

Pay attention - the inscription Delivery groups must be green. If the inscription is red - open Requests.

Click on General and click Distribute by SP groups:


The points are divided into groups according to the names of the delivery groups. The list of points of a particular delivery group can be seen below by clicking on the desired group:


 Specify the groups for which you want to generate routes and click Generate routes:


Routes are generated at the same time.

Go to Routes, click Compare routes, select all routes:


Routes by delivery groups are clearly presented on the map.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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