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Tank trucks. Distribute products by vehicle sections

 Recently, we faced a non-standard task - our client, a large manufacturer of cheeses and other dairy products, needed to build routes taking into account the distribution of goods by sections of vehicles. According to the client's requirements, while calculating routes, it was necessary to take into account the carrying capacity and number of sections in vehicles, the specific order of filling sections, as well as industry rules for mixing products. As a result of solving the task, a new functionality appeared in ANT-Logistics, which allows you to build traffic routes, taking into account the most efficient distribution of goods among vehicle sections. This option will be useful for companies involved in the transportation of petroleum products, liquid food products, chemical products and other cargoes, for which vehicles with a division of the cargo compartment into sections are used. To understand how the new functionality works, let's take the following example. The company

Loading sheet - accounting of goods

 Let's talk about the Loading Sheet today. This functionality is indispensable for distributors or companies involved in the distribution of bottled water. Let's figure out what a Loading Sheet is and why it is needed. A  Loading sheet is a functionality in the ANT-Logistics mobile application that allows you to keep track of the amount of goods loaded into a vehicle from a warehouse and unloaded at sales points. Using the Loading sheet , you can see the list and quantity of products in the vehicle at the moment and, based on this information, plan the possibility of visiting additional points. The Loading sheet  table includes: 1. Data on goods 1 ( Product group, Product code, Product code string. Product name ). 2. Data on the quantity of goods: Order Quantity, Order Weight, Order V, m3 2 - total quantity of goods for all points of the route (calculated field - these values ​​are calculated automatically by the service); Loaded Quantity, Loaded Weight, Loaded V,m3 3 - qua