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Route correction.Сhange the order of detour of delivery points.

Consider the situation: the route is ready, but you need to first deliver an important order to two stores that are somewhere in the middle of this route. For this you need: select these two objects, set the order of their visit, fix these stores create a new route.  For example, first you need to visit TPT 9 and TPT 1, and only after that the rest of the points. To do this, select TPT 9  1 , click Move Record 2 , and click on the line to which you want to move store 3 (for example, line 2). In the same way, we will move TPT 1 to the third line: As you can see, stores TPT 9 and TPT 1 have moved to 2nd and 3rd line: Then, in order for the program to correctly optimize the new route, these points need to be fixed. To do this, you need to select one of the moved points 1 (in this example TPT 9) , click on the button in the form of a lock 2 and select Capture the point  3 : This point (as well as all other points that are above the fixed one) will be fixed (highlighted in gray). Now feel f

Integration between ANT-Logistics and other services using ApiX-Drive

Integration with the connector service ApiX-Drive allows you to create applications in ANT-Logistics using data from other systems. For example, you can transfer requests from your CRM, website, landing page or Google Sheets to ANT-Logistics. It efficiently and easily automates work processes and saves a lot of time. ApiX-Drive is easy and intuitive to use. And the main feature of the service is that integration settings can be performed independently without programmers. To get to know the service, all new users are given free trial access for 14 days. A special bonus - our partner offers a 10% discount on the first payment using the blackfriday promo code «blackfriday» (offer valid until November 31, 2022). In this article, we will look at exactly how to set up the integration with ANT-Logistics using ApiX-Drive. In the ANT-Logistics service, select the menu Service - Settings – Accounting . In the field Type of SP code mapping set the value «text». Next, we perform the integ