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Let's summarize the results of 2022

Our users inspire us to constantly develop and make the service better and more convenient. Let's recall the main updates of ANT-Logistics for 2022. 1. We realized the possibility of planning international routes. Route "Kyiv-Warsaw-Prague-Dresden-Munich-Milan"? It's possible! 2. We recently released a new functionality - taking into account the number of ramps for loading cars in the warehouse. Thanks to this update, there will be no queues of cars on warehouse ramps. 3. The schedule of visiting points is a tool that supervisors have been using for several years to plan the work of sales representatives. The developers have updated the functionality and now users can configure individual templates for visiting points. 4. At the beginning of the war, ANT-Logistics had the opportunity to display the actual movement of transport on the roads - Heat map. 5. We also took care of your customers - now you can send them a link to the location of the car or the cour

Table Settings

  You can  customize the display of fields on the screen: hide and move fields, change the width of columns in the ANT-Logistics service . To do this, go to the Directories-Table Settings 1 . If you need to display of fields only for yourself, incorporate  Mode: apply only for the current user 2 - the icon will be highlighted in pink. If the field display settings are performed for all users of the service (Administrator, Logist, etc.), then this mode does not need to be incorporated.  Pay attention! The settings for the current user take precedence over the settings for everyone. Then select the desired line - a sub box will open with a list of available fields and data on their display. Double-click on the line with the required field and in the Editing Record 3 box, make the necessary changes. To move rows, enable Mode: Move record 4 . If you need to reset to the table settings to whose you had maded previously, then click the Reset to default button 5 :  Pay attention! Tables

Kilometers or money?

 Have you ever wondered which calculation model to choose in ANT-Logistics: per kilometers or per money ? In this article, we describe calculation models and their using. There are two calculation models in ANT-Logistics: - per km – this value is set by default. The calculation model "per km" is used when the selection of optimal routes must be carried out according to the minimum mileage and route duration. - per money - is used when the tariffing of cars is applied. The selection of optimal routes in this case is carried out according to the principle: the cheapest route is the most optimal. The "recalculation per money" model is also useed to calculate route profitability . Let us give you someexamples of the using different calculation models.Prepare the data for the generating of routes. To do this, load order points using a method that is convenient for you: manually, using an Excel file or API. Then configure the vehicle parameters. In our example, we u