Let's summarize the results of 2022

Our users inspire us to constantly develop and make the service better and more convenient.

Let's recall the main updates of ANT-Logistics for 2022.

1. We realized the possibility of planning international routes. Route "Kyiv-Warsaw-Prague-Dresden-Munich-Milan"? It's possible!

2. We recently released a new functionality - taking into account the number of ramps for loading cars in the warehouse. Thanks to this update, there will be no queues of cars on warehouse ramps.

3. The schedule of visiting points is a tool that supervisors have been using for several years to plan the work of sales representatives. The developers have updated the functionality and now users can configure individual templates for visiting points.

4. At the beginning of the war, ANT-Logistics had the opportunity to display the actual movement of transport on the roads - Heat map.

5. We also took care of your customers - now you can send them a link to the location of the car or the courier. The ability to track the package and contact the courier significantly increases customer loyalty, and he will want to come back to you again and again.

6. What's new in the mobile application?

  • Terminal payment
  • Recalculation of the route, editing of the order of detour points by the driver
  • Several photos in the tasks
  • Receiving tasks from the server.

7. 2022 was also marked by a fairly large number of integrations and cooperation with other services (CRM systems, GPS providers, SMS service).

And most importantly, we significantly accelerated all calculations.

In 2023, we also planned many interesting and convenient updates. The service will become even faster, and the mobile application will be supplemented with new features. Of course, there will be new functions in the main interface of the service, for example, "Interruption of the driver's work" and "Readiness/unreadiness of the machine for work". But this is far from the whole list of innovations, so in the next year, follow the updates on our social networks and Viber and Telegram groups.


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