Password recovery, login change and additional profile settings

 What to do if you forgot your login password? Or maybe the mail specified during registration is outdated and you have to change your login? You will find answers to these and other questions in this article.


1. If you forgot your service login password

Enter the login (the e-mail specified during registration) in the Username field 1. Press the Forgot your password button 2. An email from will be sent to the specified E-mail with a link to reset the password . Follow the link to get a new password. Further, it is recommended to change the password according to the instructions in paragraph 2. 


Pay attention! If you have not received an email to your email, please check your Spam folder.

2. If you need to change your login or password

Let's go to Profile 1. In the Change login / password tab 2 , select the necessary action: Change login or Change password. It is possible to change the login and password at the same time and separately. To change the login - enter a new email in the User field , to change the password - data in the fields Current password and New password


Pay attention! While changing your login, you must enter the details of the mail to which you have access, as it will be used if you need to recover your password.

3. Enable or disable assistive features

In the User Profile, in the Other tab 1, you can enable or disable additional features of the service:

Show. assistant 2 – show or hide the service assistant, which gives tips on how to use the service (you can also do it  in a System helpShow assistant 3 ).

Show. additional buttons 4 – show or hide Quick access panel 5 (Import requests, Geocode points, Calculate routes, Clear request, Delete routes, Calculation settings).


If you have not been able to complete the above steps on your own, contact the technical support service.


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