Summary panel customization


ANT-Logistics service was added a new feature - now you can count the Summary Panel in the Document "Routes" and "Fact. routes". Users of the service can choose what information they want to see and what information they don’t need and have to be hidden: mileage on routes, quantity points on routes, expenses of routes, etc. 


Go to the Table Settings Directory and select the Documents / Routes (Summary) or Documents / Fact. routes (Results).


Choose in a sub-box needing field and use double click to cause the  Editing Record box. In the General tab, in the Show field 1 , choose the most appropriate option to display. You can also move the fields - to enable Mode: Move record 2.ANT-Logistics

After the performed actions, the Summary panel in the Routes Document or the Fact. routes Document will change according to the settings made.


Pay attention! Fields that were entered manually will be highlighted in black instead of the standard green in the table settings.

You can learn more about the capabilities of the Table Settings Directory in the article Table Settings.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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