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Ramps in warehouses: how to account for the simultaneous loading of vehicles

When optimizing logistics, it is very important to create conditions for prompt shipment of goods in a car. But how to prevent a long queue of cars and ensure the continuity of the load ?     To solve this problem, ANT-Logistics released a new functionality - taking into account the capacity of the warehouse for simultaneous loading of cars. Let's go to the  Directory Warehouses . Double-click on the required warehouse to open Editing record. In the  General tab , in the field  Number of ramps  select the required value (when the value is  Auto , the parameter is not taken into account in the calculation). The number of ramps in warehouse is actually the number of cars that can be loaded at the same time. Next, in the tab  Working time , in the field  Load time , enter the time required to load one car (in minutes). It is necessary to "allow" the car to arrive later - we go to the  Directory Vehicles , select the car and in the window  Editing record  go to the tab  Work

Delivery priorities from A to Z

 During building routes, it may be necessary to visit certain points at the beginning of the route or, oppositely, at the end. To accomplish this task, our service uses delivery  priority . There are several types of priority settings: Priority of geo-zones; Priority of groups of pointts; Priority of an individual point in the order. In this article, we will show you in detail each type of delivery priority. To begin with, we suggest you reading the rules of using priorities: 1. You can set or use p riority  only  one of the settings or a combination of them. 2. While setting the point priority, it is necessary to foiiow the principle - the higher  value of  the point priority is the more important to visit it (100-99-98...3-2-1-0). 3. If you do not set a point priority value, then such points will have a priority value ''Auto''. These points can be anywhere along the route. 4. If a point has one priority by geo-zone, and another by the group of points it belongs to, it