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How to efficiently load cars and not forget a single product in the warehouse? For this purpose, ANT-Logistics uses the Loading Sheet. The Loading Sheet is a list of cargo that must be picked up at the warehouse. This document is generated in the mobile application of each driver.

ANT-Logistics users have been using two types of Loading Sheets for a long time: by goods (suitable when loading is carried out by individual items of goods, without linking to route points) and by points (when warehouse workers ship orders that are collected separately for each points).

Recently, the developers added a new type of Loading Sheet - by points and goods. It contains information about route points and an expanded list of goods for each point. Such a loading sheet will be useful in the case when it is necessary to deliver not one unit of cargo to the point, but several collected parcels or boxes that have a unique code.

To do this, on the service, go to Service-Settings-Mobile agent and in the field Type of Loading Sheet, select By points and goods:

loading sheet

In the mobile application, go to the screen Routes, select the required route and click on the icon Loading. The Loading Sheet will open. The driver can specify the amount of goods that were loaded at the warehouse and issued at the points of sale.

loading sheet

The developers for all types of Loading Sheets have added the product scanning functionality (with a note about scanning and the time of data addition) and product loading control (by automatically checking the loading of items when exiting the Loading Sheet). The developers have also added a field Notes, in which you can specify the necessary information about the loaded position. You can learn more about these and other features of the Loading Sheets in the Help.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave an application on the ANT-Logistics website.


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