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Analytics: how to compare route indicators of different versions

ANT-Logistics allows you to calculate routes in several versions. Service users can build route options taking into account various parameters, and then determine the optimal route among them. The developers have added a new option to take into account calculation versions in Analytics for the convenience of comparing the indicators of routes built in different versions. Next, we offer instructions on how to compare route indicators of different versions of the calculation. 1. We create a new report page. W e specify the number of visual elements. In this case, we will compare the indicators of several versions in one visual element. 2. Click the setting button of visual element 1 and in the Settings window, in the tab Description and type , select the D ata showcase - Report: Routes 2 . 3. In the tab Fields , select the fields required for the report, including the field Calculation Version . Click OK to save changes. 4. In the report filter, set the end and start da

Optimal Routing - Long Haul Transportation

 Among the users of ANT-Logistics, multi-day routes are planned by companies with various types of activity. This can be the delivery of auto parts, the delivery of food, medicines, etc. Delivery points are located in other cities and even regions, so a full route takes several days. To calculate such routes, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the vehicle, the amount of goods delivered to the points and the time of its unloading,and also the average speed . As a result, routes will be obtained indicating the date and time of arrival of the car at a particular point. If the car arrives to closed point, it will wait for its opening in the morning, unloads and follows the route further. Entering information into vehicle directories, it is necessary to indicate the restriction of their carrying capacity (volume, capacity), indicate the work schedule 00:00-23:59, the type of vehicle (do not forget that for the "truck" type, part of the roads will be closed in cit