Optimal Routing - Long Haul Transportation

 Among the users of ANT-Logistics, multi-day routes are planned by companies with various types of activity. This can be the delivery of auto parts, the delivery of food, medicines, etc. Delivery points are located in other cities and even regions, so a full route takes several days. To calculate such routes, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the vehicle, the amount of goods delivered to the points and the time of its unloading,and also the average speed . As a result, routes will be obtained indicating the date and time of arrival of the car at a particular point. If the car arrives to closed point, it will wait for its opening in the morning, unloads and follows the route further.


Entering information into vehicle directories, it is necessary to indicate the restriction of their carrying capacity (volume, capacity), indicate the work schedule 00:00-23:59, the type of vehicle (do not forget that for the "truck" type, part of the roads will be closed in cities and the service will look for detours, as a result of which the length of the route can be increased).

Pay attention! Calculating intercity routes, the car moves at different speeds in cities and beyond, so you should not specify fixed average speed values in the car properties:


The more accurately the average speed of vehicles is set, the more accurately the system will calculate the time for the route and the time of arrival to the points. The average speed of movement in cities and beyond differs significantly. In the Road Parameters directory, in the Coefficient tab, you must specify the average speed for different types of roads: for the city and intercity. 


Pay attention! If you do not take into account the capacity of vehicles while calculating routes, skip the next step.

Another important setting for calculating the route time and schedule of arrival to the points is the time required for the car to unload the order at the point of delivery. This time consists of the administrative time at the point (this is the time for the entrance, parking, waiting in queue, etc.), and the time for unloading (for those who do not take into account the capacity of vehicles - the unloading time parameter is not set). The administrative time for each point is imported by the Unload_Time field. The unloading time is set in the Product groups directories, and can be set for different groups (details about product groups in the article Calculation of routes by product groups). If the transported productss can be combined in one vehicle, it is enough to set the unloading time for the General group. The example shows an unloading time of 20 kg/min:


If the administrative time at the point is 15 minutes, and the weight of the delivered productss is 100 kg, then the unloading time of the vehicle at the point will be 15+100/20=20 minutes.

To form a route, it is necessary to select requests of the needed direction. then in the window for choosing vehicles - specify the date and time of the start of the route, tick the vehicle for planning. In the additional parameters, on the Calculation modes tab, in the Driving mode field, select Multi-day routes:


For each direction, make a separate route calculation.

In this example, 1 routes was calculated, in 1 direction. In the main field of the Routes document, you can see the distances of the routes, the duration, and other characteristics of the route.

In the sub box,while choosing a route, detailed information of points, time of arrival at a point, and other characteristics of points are available. Some points on the route will be marked with an hourglass icon, and hovering over will indicate the waiting time for the point to open the next day:


If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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