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Setting up route templates

Many companies are faced with a situation where vehicles start their route from a garage, after which they need to drive to a certain gas station, load at a warehouse, possibly reload at intermediate warehouses (suppliers' warehouses), make deliveries, return to the warehouse, to the garage. Is it common for you? Then set up a route template for each vehicle, specifying in it a sequence of visiting points for each day.   Task 1. The vehicle needs to leave the garage, refuel at a certain gas station, load at the main warehouse, reload at the suppliers' warehouses, deliver the goods to points, deliver documents to the main warehouse and return to the garage.   1. Enter service points in the directory. Directories - Service points - add ( + ) - select Type (gas station or garage) - specify the Name - enter the Address - OK : Add a gas station in the same way. In my case Gas atation 1. To the main warehouse LVCenter , I added an intermediate one: LVC1 . (there may be several

Information icons in Routes

 About a year ago, new icons appeared in the Routes Document , which inform the user about the presence of violations in the generated route. Three types of icons are displayed depending on the severity of violations: - minor violations; - more serious violations; - big violations. If there aren't any icons, there are no violations in the route. The degree of importance of violations is determined by the service automatically based on the values set by the user in the Logistics tab and partially in the Logistics+ tab (Service > Settings): The values in these tabs affect the calculation of penalties for route evaluation, depending on which the service displays the necessary violation icon in the generated route. When you hover the mouse over the violation icon, a clue appears on the screen with violations detected in the route. If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to th