Automation of the online store delivery service

 We all had to be in the role of a buyer of an online store, and if we order goods for home delivery, then everyone knows what it means "delivery will be approximately in the afternoon", i.e. the recipient needs to allocate almost a whole day in anticipation of delivery, which can be performed even in the evening. You must admit, it will be very convenient for you, as a client, specify the exact time range during which the order will be delivered to you. This article describes how, using the ANT-Logistics service, you can deliver orders to your customers at a specified time. Your customers will quickly appreciate it and will certainly come back for new purchases.


In order for the system to correctly generate a schedule for the movement of cars by delivery points, the following parameters must be entered:

  • Average vehicle speed - if you do not know the average speed of vehicles on the route - indicate 25 km/h 1;


  • If delivery is carried out by trucks (vehicles that fall under the signs restricting the movement of trucks) - indicate the type of vehicle Truck 2. If delivery is carried out by vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons - indicate the type Cars for such vehicles.


  • Also indicate the beginning and end of the driver's working 3:


Pay attention! If you are delivering bulky, heavy goods, you must select the required units for accounting for the capacity of vehicles: pieces, kg, m3, and set restrictions of their capacity in the properties.

The list of applications must be uploaded as an Excel file, in which:

  • In the column Unload_Time - you need to specify the average time the vehicle is at one or another delivery point;
  • If the client ordered delivery within the specified time range - in the TimeWork_Beg and TimeWork_End columns - indicate the beginning and end of the working time for delivery to the point:


In the Service - Settings , set the values as in the illustration below:


Note! If you also take into account the capacity of vehicles - Penalty coefficient for vehicle overload, m/kg, set to High.

After calculating the routes, make sure that there are no delays to the points and there are no overworkings of the driver (there are no warnings in the route number area) and the specified time  for individual points are observed, in the example, this is point Kangoo 364 with a specified delivery time window of 11:00-12:00. Now you can send an SMS notification to your customers with the delivery time:


For those online stores that combine the delivery of customer orders and the collection of goods from the supplier, the functionality of "intermediate loading warehouses" is offered. Routes in this case are optimized in such a way that delivery to customers is carried out on the way to the next supplier. Assistance in setting up and training this functionality is provided by ANT-Logistics experts. To receive it, you need to make a request to

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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