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 Many clients of ANT-Logistics successfully use user fields that allow you to enter and transfer auxiliary information. Some of these clients are faced with the necessity to “save” user fields, since their limited number does not always make it possible to display all the data. We decided to fix this issue - now we have created a new User Fields Directory, in which you can create an unlimited number of fields, as well as edit and delete them.


Let's go to the Directory User fields and add an entry by pressing +. Fill in the fields in the box that opens:

  • Code - filled in automatically, but can be changed;
  • Name - the name of the user field;
  • User ident. – identifier that is used for loading data via the API;
  • Belongs – the entity to which the field will belong (Sale points, Vehicles, Requests (Sale points));
  • Data type – field format (string, date, time, etc.).


Created user fields are displayed only in properties by default. To change, go to the Directory. Table settings 1. Click on the required lines 2 (Directory/sale points, Directory/Vehicles or Document/Requests (Sale points)). In the sub box, by double clicking on the line with the previously created user field 3, we will call up the Edit Record 4 box, in which we note the need to show or hide this field. 


After the performed actions, the user fields will be displayed in the corresponding Directory (Sale points,Vehicles) or Document (Requests) 1. To enter information into them, you need to open the Editing Record box 2 and fill in the corresponding field 4 in the User fields tab 3.


Pay attention! User fields created in the User Fields Directory are marked with u (user) 5.

User fields, by analogy with other fields of Directories and Documents, can be imported, exported and displayed in the analytical module.

We believe that the completed revision will allow our users to use the service as efficiently as possible and enter all the information necessary for work without unnecessary “savings” of fields.

If you are interested in the described functionality, we are ready to demonstrate its operation, perform the necessary settings and provide access to the service. To do this, leave a request on the ANT-Logistics website.


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