Password: how to save your personal data

 A password is the foundation of security that many people neglect by using simple passwords or passwords that are the same for all resources. Of course, it is easier to use a short password that is easy to remember, but this can become a serious threat to your online security. To protect yourself and your information, you need to choose long, reliable and complex passwords. At the same time, it is desirable to keep them relatively easy for one's own memorization.


You might be wondering, why do I need a strong password? Of course, most sites are well protected, but there is always a small chance that someone will try to access your information. Therefore, a strong password is the best way to protect it from hackers.

Undoubtedly, large services take care of the security of their customers. E-mails, social networks and online banking always require the use of passwords that meet the necessary security requirements, because these resources contain important information.

Logistic services also store confidential user information: names and addresses of customers, vehicle routes, analytical and financial data, etc. Therefore, the logistics service must provide not only optimal routing, but also reliable storage of personal data.

In the cloud service for transport automation of ANT-Logistics, the requirement for the security of personal data is implemented as follows: each user can set the desired level of password reliability depending on the importance of the information uploaded to the service:

  • there are no password requirements;
  • the password must be strong (contain at least 8 characters, include upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers);
  • the password must be strong and changed every six months (the service will remind you of the need to change the password).


Moreover, the developers of ANT-Logistics have a plan to add two-factor authentication in the near future. This will provide a more effective protection of the account against unauthorized access. Today, two-factor authentication is one of the most strong protection mechanisms.

It is worth noting that large services take care of the security of their users' data, but often small forums, online trackers, and online stores neglect this and become a delicacy for hackers. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the same passwords for different services.

And finally, don't ignore simple opportunities to strengthen your data protection. Maybe it's time to change your password on important resources?


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