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Optimal routing - delivery of building materials

 The delivery of building materials is perhaps the most difficult to route, and this is primarily due to the fact that the delivered products have different characteristics in terms of weight and volume. So, for example, a car with a carrying capacity of 1500 kg and a body volume of 8m3 can transport up to 1m3 of bricks weighing up to 1500 kg, but at the same time, 1500 kg of foam plastic with a volume of 100m3 will no longer fit in the vehicle. This example shows while planning routes, weight and volume are taken into account simultaneously, and exceeding one of the parameters, even if the other parameter still does not exceed the vehicle's capabilities, is not allowed. The system allows you to calculate the time of loading / unloading the vehicle, depending on the amount of delivered products. The system will also help to load the vehicle correctly, so that, having arrived at the point, the driver does not waste time looking for products in the back. First you need to select the

Copying requests to another list

We are pleased to announce a recent enhancement to our service's functionality, addressing a concern raised by some of our clients. It has come to our attention that certain users encountered difficulties while attempting to copy requests for other days or lists. We are delighted to inform you that we have taken measures to simplify the process of copying applications to different lists. This improvement aims to provide a easier and more efficient experience for all our clients.  To copy an application from one list to another: specify the request list you plan to copy 1 . In our example we used second list ; press the pencil icon to open the ''editing requests'' list. Select Copy Request   2 ; in the new window " Copying a request " 3 , in the Date field, select the date on which you plan to paste the copied list; in the Request list number field 4  - select the number of the request list to which you need to copy (if the number of the list is highligh

Use Ukrainian service

 Friends! Currently, in connection with the rejection of Russian products and services, many companies are looking for high-quality software for organizing logistics processes. For such businesses, we suggest switching to the Ukrainian service ANT-Logistics . We can proudly say that the functionality of our service is one of the best among competitors, while the cost is 2-3 times more affordable. Our company has been working in the field of transport logistics for more than 9 years. We perform efficient planning and routing of deliveries for 900 customers. We provide each client with an individual approach, moreover, we are product developers, so we are always open to new offers. Pay attention! ANT-Logistics is a company founded and registered in the Ukrainian city Dnipro. Our employees - Ukrainian citizens - are in safe places and are ready to provide full consultations to clients. We will welcome all companies that want to learn more about us. For them, we offer an individual online

How to correctly assign roles to employees?

 If more than one person is responsible for logistics in your company, for example, there is a manager and a logistician or several logisticians, it may be useful for you to distribute administrative access rights to the service. You will also need this setting if you plan to provide drivers with mobile devices on which our mobile application is installed. Each driver will only see his own route. Working together, there is a risk of accidental editing or deletion of reference information, for example, by a new employee who is just learning the service. Rigid Administration does not allow for such risks. Administrator rights are automatically obtained by a user who has registered on the ANT-Logistics service. Only the Administrator can enter, delete, edit information in the Directories by default. He, if necessary, can easily connect new delivery points, change the access level for a particular employee. Collaboration involves the use of both static and dynamically configured access l

Service points by day of the week

 Several of our clients contacted us with the task of taking into account the working days of the sale points. For example, an point accepts goods only on Mondays, and if such an point accidentally appears in order on any other day, route calculation must be blocked. Thus, the driver will not waste time and fuel.  In order to display the work schedule of points by day, go to the Table settings 1 , select the Directories - Sales points 2 , in the sub-box  Schedule 3 - Editing record 4   - Show 5 .  There are 2 ways to set the point's work schedule: 1. Select a point, click twice to open Editing record 1 tab, Schedule field  2 , select the necessary days of the week 3 . 2. Excel file.  Add the Schedule column, indicate in front of each point the working days of the week separated by commas, where: 1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, etc. Save and upload the file to ANT-Logistics. Go to Service - Configuration - Documentation - Rule for controlling the schedule of SalePoints visit  - select 

How to divide requests between vehicles equally?

 It's no secret that vehicles can suddenly break down, a driver can get sick, or more vehicles than usual can be needed. Accordingly, for reinsurance, it is better to have a small reserve of vehicles. What if there are more vehicles than necessary for a daily delivery, but the work, at the same time, needs to be divided among all drivers? The most obvious solution - to divide the points equally between the couriers - does not actually distribute the load evenly: there are different distances between the points, and the time spent at the points waiting for unloading can vary greatly. As a result, one driver can finish all the work by lunchtime, while the other is busy until the evening. In such cases, we suggest aligning the work of couriers in time. ANT-Logistics will take into account the number of points, speed limits, distance differences and unloading times - as a result, you will get efficient routes that will be as similar as possible in time. There are 2 options for calcula