A new platform for users of ANT-Logistics - join in the creation!

Business growth and an increase of orders requires more and more resources. In this case, companies cannot always independently ensure the timely delivery of orders - there are not enough vehicles, employees, etc. It is at the moment when it is time to seek help from third-party services and use a hired vehicle. But in the current conditions of the economic crisis, this decision is not always lucrative, since the payment of rented vehicles often "eats up" the additional profit that was obtained due to increased sales.

Companies in search of a way out of the above-mentioned situation realized that the optimal solution is to cooperate with other businesses for mutual assistance and saving resources. They wrote to the developers of ANT-Logistics with an initiative to create a platform for users of ANT-Logistics, which allows you to offer your transport or, on the contrary, hire free vehicles offered. 


What are the possible advantages of using this platform?

  • Verified users. With all users of the platform are clients of ANT-Logistics we have concluded official contracts, which means that no one will become a victim of fraudsters.
  • Saving. Of course, renting a vehicle from another company that drives empty or half-empty from point A to point B is more profitable than ordering and paying for hired transport.
  • Trust. You will be able to issue ratings and thus form ratings for both customers and performers.
  • Communication. Sometimes you want to ask for a recommendation or share your experience, right? We want to give such an opportunity.

The most important message we want to convey to you is that the platform is only at the development stage, so we invite you to express your wishes and ideas and, thus, join in creating a resource convenient for you.

If you are interested in this functionality, we would love to hear from you. Contact support, your manager or our email address support@ant-logistics.com


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