"ANT-Logistics" together with IT-Enterprise developed solutions to improve business efficiency

 The teams of ANT-Logistics and IT-Enterprise — a digital platform and ERP system that transforms the internal business processes of companies, did a cooperation cooperation. ANT-Logistics

Before signing the partnership agreement on joint actions, the project teams of IT-Enterprise and "ANT-Logistics" went through a stage of cooperation. Thus, by order of the company, IT-Enterprise specialists implemented integration with the cloud system "ANT-Logistics". As a part of the implementation of this task, "ANT-Logistics" provided IT-Enterprise specialists with free access to the service and provided support to developers in the implementation of integration tasks.

What does it mean?

Combining the competencies of the two companies will allow Ukrainian companies to offer even more IT solutions of various formats that will ensure business owners and managers successfully manage processes and increase the efficiency of using the resource. In particular, effective planning and routing of delivery.

What does IT-Enterprise do?

IT-Enterprise performs digital business transformation — optimizes and digitizes business processes, helps companies become market leaders. IT-Enterprise is a modern enterprise management system, a powerful tool for reengineering and optimizing of business processes, a fully functional ERP system containing MRPII, MES, APS, EAM, SCM and CRM systems. It has a wide list of digitization services that allows you to create an individual comprehensive solution for your business needs.

  What do companies say?

"The war destroyed fixed routes, logisticians are faced with the extremely difficult task of delivering products and cargo in a situation of actual chaos. We have IT tools that can work to fulfill this complex task, taking into account new approaches to the efficiency of process management and the new level of the need to plan resources (fuel, time, costs for spare parts, etc.), — notes Taras Kakhniy, head of IT-Enterprise projects . — That is why we highly value the competence of the ANT-Logistics team and see significant potential in cooperation. Everyone should win, and consumers, first of all."

"The cooperation of ANT-Logistics with IT-Enterprise is a significant step towards increasing the level of efficient transport management. Any company will be able to quickly automate logistics using a comprehensive solution: IT-Enterprise will help choose the best software, and ANT-Logistics will quickly implement and configure the cloud system of transport management . With small initial investments, the client will receive significant savings in logistics processes, additional opportunities for monitoring employees and analytical reporting," says Oleksiy Prymak, co-founder and sales director of Murashina Logistics.


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