Thermal map - objective situation on the roads

Unfortunately, there is no general database where you can monitor the state of roads. Therefore, logisticians do not always manage to respond to changes in the road situation in a timely manner, which means to promptly close and open roads in the service (or OSM map)  and to correctly build traffic routes.

How can a logistician find out whether traffic has resumed in a certain area? ANT-Logistics has added a new feature that allows you to display the actual traffic on the roads. For this, a thermal map is used, on which the intensity of traffic is displayed in a gradation from green to red. If there is no movement, marks will also be absent in these areas. Information is displayed based on data from GPS trackers for the last 5 days.

Let's give an example - during the war, a bridge was destroyed in the village of Borshchiv, Kyiv region. Thus, vehicles had to make a big hook while driving from Kyiv to Poltava. This hook is clearly visible on the thermal map. Therefore, the logistician can conclude from such a map that the bridge is not working, and close it in the service or OSM map.


On May 9, 2022, road traffic was restored, a detour was built along the destroyed bridge. The logistician can turn on the heat map of the actual traffic - he will see that the traffic has been restored and opens the passage.


It is very easy to activate the specified functionality: in the map area, you need to display the necessary sections of roads , then press the "Display all roads" button on the toolbar , mark Fact with a "tick" and press Execute. The screen will display a heat map of actual information about traffic intensity.


If you are interested in this functionality, we would love to hear from you. Contact support, your manager or our email address


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