Let's summarize the results of 2023

Before the new year, we always remember what achievements and events happened to us. This is the traditional time for taking stock and writing plans for the future.


We suggest you remember what updates were made in the ANT-Logistics service in 2023.

  1. As we promised, the speed of calculations has increased significantly. Now routing for 2500-2600 points is done in 18 minutes.
  2. The second important update is a change in UX/UI design. We changed the top panel, highlighted separate Configuration and Settings menus.
  3. Delivery control - this functionality has already been appreciated by many of our users. This year, we expanded it: we added the rule of maximum speed, control of task execution, priority of rules.
  4. Another useful feature - now you can set a break in the service for cars.
  5. We released AРI 2.0. The new AРI is more convenient and flexible than the previous version. It also has a new UI interface for testing. Thanks to this, the process of integrating ANT-Logistics with other services has become simpler and more comfortable.
  6. Added new opportunities for integration with CRM (test query, formulas, list of fields).
  7. We have improved the exchange of information between the service and the mobile application. So, now the user will see information without time delays and additional manual synchronizations. It is no longer difficult to see the actual balances in the warehouse, changes in the route, new tasks. The app has added new features and functionality.
  8. And the most expected thing is that the basic version of integration for fiscalization of payments is already ready. It remains to wait a little while, and it will be available to all our users!

And now we will talk about our plans for 2024. For the next year, we want to improve the calculation speed even more - 2500 points in just 10 minutes. It is also planned to develop the existing functionality, including international routes, to expand the capabilities of mobile applications based on Android and IOS. And of course, we want to finish updating the design of the service to provide a pleasant and modern interface for customers.

happy new year


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